JPX 4 Shot set of LE RED OC Cartridges EXP 2027 with UV DYE

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  • JPX 4 Shot set of LE RED OC Cartridges EXP 2027 with UV DYE
  • JPX 4 Shot set of LE RED OC Cartridges EXP 2027 with UV DYE
  • JPX 4 OC Cartridges
  • JPX 4 OC Cartridges
  • JPX 4 Shot set of LE RED OC Cartridges EXP 2027 with UV DYE


These are the new JPX 4 OC cartridges that fire hot pepper spray 23 feet at 320 FPS at the safe distance of 5 feet and 590 FPS from the nozzel.  These new cartridges added UV DYE in the pepper mix.



Caliber 14 x 109mm Piexon (CH)


In regards to the irritant OC agent used, we rely on a trusted formula and years of experience in testing. Capsaicin has proven to be the most reliable irritant agent when used against assailants under the influence of drugs or alcohol as well as against animals. To be able to make a reliable statement on the required minimum safety distance we have conducted extensive wound-ballistic tests performed by a trusted and wellknown ballistic expert. If you have questions concerning the safety of our products we are more than happy to provide you additional research information (law enforcement agencies only).



New JPX4 Cartridge Cal. 14mm Piexon
JPX disposable magazine containing two rounds.
Explanatory video

Canned Heat Cartridges

The JPX emits only a minimum of airborne irritant agent droplets causing the undesired cross-contamination. This makes Piexon products also suitable for indoor use. The technology of "shooting" vs spraying of the liquid OC irritant not only improves accuracy but also significantly reduces the risk of generating aerosols small enough to enter into the respiratory system, which can be harmful for asthmatics.

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2 Reviews

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    Haven't use yet, but arrived well packed

    Posted by Kathy Neumeyer on 9th Feb 2021

    I feel safer having this product thanks

  • 4
    Was what we expected

    Posted by Jerome on 1st Oct 2020

    It’s a good concept. Not sure how potent the OC is. Tried the practice rounds and they did what we expected. Major drawback is the units are very large. They should shrink them down so it’s more compact. Here in a “shall not” issue state like California if you walk around with anything that resembles a gun, your asking for attention. Too large to conceal.

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