Mestel Gas Mask Filter NATO 40mm -Mestel Multi-Gas CBRN 2025

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Military-Grade Chem-Bio Warfare Agent Filter Canister - BRAND NEW 

 NBC/CBRN & Riot Control Agent Gas Mask Cartridge, Expiration 11/2025;  These are sealed and expiration starts after they are open.

(Multi-Threat 40mm NATO Filter  

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Effective against all known Chemcal, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear Particulates (CBRN Protection)

Non-metallic, Non-reflective & impact resistant filter housing with activated and impregnated carbon, with micro-glass and cellulose fibers for HEPA / High Efficiency particle filtration (P100/P3 particulates effectively removed include: Dusts, Mists, Riot Control Agents, CN/CS/Pepper Spray, Tear Gases, Mace, Radioactive/Nuclear particulates, viruses, bacteria, molds, spores, fungus, enzymes & more)

Includes: one (1) canister, expiration 06/2024 NEWEST LOT AVAILABLE

Multipurpose, Military-Grade NATO 40mm NBC/CBRN Gas Mask / Respirator Filter:

  • Brand New Filter Sealed in Factory Packaging w/instructions
  • Rated for A2B2E2K2P3 / True Military-Grade Protection (Including organic gases & vapours, inorganic gases & vapours (chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen cyanide, etc.), acid gases (sulphur dioxide, hydrogen chloride & more)
  • Effective against all Riot Control Agents - including CN/CS/OC, Pepper Spray, Tear Gases, Mace & less common riot agents.
  • Effective against all known Biological Agents - including viruses, bacteria, molds, spores, fungus, enzymes & more.
  • Effective against Chemical Warfare Agents 
  • Effective against huge range of Toxic Industrial Chemicals & Toxic Industrial Materials (TIC's & TIM's)
  • Coated, polymer filter housing with activated and impregnated carbon, with micro-glass and cellulose fibers providing HEPA / High Efficiency particle filtration
  • Standard NATO 40mm thread that fits most respirators including (but not limited to): Israeli Civilian (Youth, Adult, Military / M-15, Child, Baby & Adult Blower Systems like Shmartaf & Bardas, etc.), SEA DP, FP, SMF, 3M FR-M40, All Mestel Models (SGE-150, SGE-400, SGE-400/3, SGE-400/3BB), Avon Protection PCM50, C50, FM12, S10, FM53, 3M M40, M40A1, 7800B, 6000 & 7000 Series (DIN models only) MCU 2/P, MSA Millennium, Ultra Elite CBRN, Scott ProMask, ProMask40, Safety Tech / Micronel Safety USA, ProMask 2000, M95, M98, M110, M120, AirBoss / Canadian C4, Survivair Opti-Fit Tactical & CBRN models, Evolution 5000 and many more.

Used for:

  • ·         Emergency Response
  • ·         Domestic Preparedness 
  • ·         Civil Disturbances / Crowd Control
  • ·         Hazardous Material Handling
  • ·         Homeland Security
  • ·         Search & Rescue
Protect yourself against virtually all known Nuclear (& Radiological Particulates),
Biological & Chemical Warfare Agents (NBC / CBRN Threats)
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    Posted by Josh on 18th Sep 2020

    Came quickly, all natural disasters considered; came in the plastic wrapping, as showed in the picture. Extremely satisfied, will order again

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